Ford Powermaster 801 series tractor

Ford Powermaster 801 series tractor

With the right options, the Ford 801 Powermaster series offers a powerful and economical loading tractor – as well as a good basic tractor around.

With the power of more than 50 horses, this small practical tractor puts a lot of power into a small pocket! The 801 series is available with gasoline, LP gas and diesel options. More than 150,000 of these tractors were produced from 1957 to 1962.

History Of Ford 801 Powermaster  Tractor

Like many other tractors of the era, the 801 comes packed with many options. The tractor comes with a standard four-speed transmission, as well as a choice of five gears (my recommendation) or a Ford Select-O-Speed. Other offers: live PTO, three-point hitch, larger rear tires, heavy front end and power steering.

Depending on the choice of options, the average number of the tractor name will change. For example, an 801 series five-speed tractor would say “851” on the hood. 801 Series with Select-O-Speed ​​and no PTO like “811.” There are many types of appointments to match a particular combination, and some are more popular than others.

This flexibility can be confusing when it comes to purchasing an 801 series tractor. In my area, people often use the basic word (841) as a common noun, whatever the meaning. Some will use what is on the hood. If you are looking for one of these tractors online, it is advisable to look at the list of varieties and look at a few different names that may be named along with generic 801 and 841.

My dad and I recently bought an 801 Series tractor with a complete mix of options: a front-loaded front, five-speed power supply and power steering. This tractor is the perfect combination – he was born to be a loading tractor.

While Ford has made an excellent uploader to match the 801 series, there are many good aftermarket options available as well. Our tractor has an aftermarket loader and it works well.

Power steering is a very important option if you are looking for a loading tractor. The extra weight from the loader makes it a real exercise to use the tractor without this option.

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